Lingua Franca

Lingua Franca is a physical performance inspired by Valdur Mikita’s works “Lingvistiline mets” (Linguistic Forest), “Metsik lingvistika” (Wild Linguistics) and “Lindvistika” (Birduistics). These ideas have found their form through synesthesia or union of senses, and also through forest-inspired corporal poetry.

Synesthesia is a phenomenon where parts of brain, responsible for different senses, are activated at once, creating experiences that stimulate several senses at the same time. People who have synesthesia, can see forms of sounds, or smell colours, or hear touches, or know the movement patterns of numbers, etc.

It is a piece connecting different art forms and uniting words with movement, colours, music, text, light, songs, smells, sounds, dance, voices and thoughts. It mainly explores the question of finding your own language and interacting with others using this individual system of signs.

How to arrive to others when it is so hard to get in touch with ourselves? Where to find a suitable form of thoughts and movement to be in harmony with yourself and reach others? What are music morphology and movement phonetics?

Our world is a confusing one. It may seem easy to reach billions of people in a matter of seconds, but because of our prejudice and inability to adapt we have actually constructed a Babel tower with very few windows to the future. Mikita’s works, however, convey a sense of comfort by suggesting that if we would only listen more carefully to our internal monologues, we would not need all these schemes and instructions on how to be happy. If we could just trust the program our body has to offer. Our aim on the stage is to create a similar feeling of reassurance and warmth.

Lingua franca’s troupe has a very colourful background including members of different gender, age, nation, belief and way of expression. But they are all, together and individually, dedicated to finding their own language, as well as a collective way of communication supra language, nation and religion.

My grandfather once wrote into my rhyme book, “Grandpa used to say; to scream in the forest is not the way.”

My grandmother once said, “When I get old, I’ll stuff my ears with cotton, close the door and crawl into the bed to read.”

Original idea: Evelin Jõgiste
Performers: Evelin Jõgiste, Laura Kalle (Ugala Theatre), Mingo Rajandi, Yucef Zraiby, Leno Morfin
Directors: Evelin Jõgiste, Laura Kalle
Playwright: Laura Kalle
Original music: Mingo Rajandi
Sound designer: Haar Tammik
Lighting Designer: Rommi Ruttas
Production: Moon Productions
Illustrations: Triin Aimla-Laid

Role: Production assistant